About supersonic

– high speed internet, brightened by MTN

Elegantly simple, it’s high-speed Internet that just works.
Super Easy

Super easy

Our solutions are easy to understand and simple to use. We’ll send a technician to your premises to install everything you need to get you online. No fussing with cords or fighting with modems – we do the setup for you. We’ll even do a full Wi-Fi sweep of your property to ensure you are fully covered at all times.

Super Fast

Super fast

Instead of copper wires, supersonic uses fibre optic cables, so data is transmitted as pulses of light. This means supersonic speeds on a more reliable network. Whether you’re streaming movies and TV shows, playing online games, or catching up on work, supersonic will satisfy your need for speed.

Backed by the best

Backed by the best

supersonic is brightened by MTN. This means you get all the security and backing of South Africa’s most loved brand.

Ready to sign up?

Ready to sign up?

Of course you are.

Here's what happens next:

Check if your area is covered using our easy-to-use internet coverage map.
If you’re covered, you can
sign up right away
in practically 5 clicks.
We’ll send a technician to your home to get you set up. This is a free call-out. By the time the technician leaves your home, you’ll be up and running.
Need help? Call us day or night. Our call centre is open from 07H00 to 22H00.

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