Fibre Internet Coverage in South Africa

South Africa’s Fibre internet network is growing. Is Fibre in your area yet? What is Fibre, anyway, and how can you get connected?

The world is connected by Fibre optic cables

We all talk about the ‘cloud’ but what’s really carrying our data around the world almost instantaneously is a series of Fibre optic cables that lie deep beneath our oceans.

The network of cables beneath the waves spans more than 800 000 km. These cables connect every continent (except Antarctica) and send your videos, photos, emails, tweets and data all over the world.

While the world may be connected by masses of Fibre cables, many of us still need to wait for our infrastructure to catch up and bring the brilliant speed of Fibre all the way to our homes. You may be wondering, ‘is there Fibre in my area?’. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that many neighbourhoods are already covered by Fibre networks, and more still are in the pipeline.

Fibre internet is the future of Internet

Up until recently, the only choice we had when it came to connecting to the Internet was to use ADSL or a cellphone 3G connection. But Fibre internet is coming to South Africa in a big way, with more neighbourhoods being connected every week. And that’s great news because Fibre is not only much faster than ADSL, it’s also much more reliable.

Fibre internet is now available in more areas in South Africa than ever before

If you live in one of the main suburbs of Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town there’s a good chance your home is already covered by a Fibre network or could be soon.
The Fibre coverage network is growing every day. If you would like to check Fibre availability in your area, try our Fibre broadband availability checker. You simply type in your suburb to check Fibre optic broadband availability near you.

How to get Fibre Internet

Once there’s Fibre internet coverage in your area, getting Fibre Internet is easy. You can simply sign up with a provider, who will come and install a Fibre line in your home. supersonic is a provider who offers a simple Fibre solution that’s easy to understand and even easier to use. We do it all for you – from installation to Wi-Fi router set-up. We make sure you’re up and running before we leave your property. And we’re available 24/7 with telephonic support if you need us.

Fast Fibre Facts

Did you know:

  • Fibre optic cables are thinner than copper wires.
  • Fibre internet can go further than copper, without the signal degrading. So, your Internet connection won’t suffer if you’re further away from the exchange.
  • We’re studying new and exciting ways of using Fibre internet, so Fibre technology will be with us for a long time. In fact, they are even looking at using Fibre to replace transistors.
  • Fibre is a greener technology. It takes less energy to send signals further than it does using copper wires. So Fibre is a more energy efficient technology.
  • Fibre isn’t affected by weather – so even in rain, thunderstorms and lightening, your Fibre line will work just fine. Both cellphone connections and copper connections can suffer in bad weather.
  • Fibre wires are safer to handle than other wires. Because Fibre wires don’t conduct electricity, they can’t burn you when handling them.
  • Fibre wires are harder to hack. Fibre doesn’t radiate electromagnetic energy, so you can’t easily interfere with the signal.

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