Home Broadband internet (F-LTE) FAQ


1. What is Supersonic Home Broadband F-LTE?

Supersonic uses MTN, South Africa’s fastest mobile network, to provide LTE (otherwise known as 4G) wireless internet to your home.

2. What are the available Supersonic Home Broadband Internet packages?

Please go to our broadband coverage check to see our current packages.

3. Are the Supersonic Home Broadband internet packages month to month or 24 months?

The Supersonic Home Broadband packages are offered on a month-to-month basis.

4. How do I upgrade or downgrade my package?

Send us a request before your next bill and we’ll upgrade or downgrade your package without any regrading penalties, from the next billing cycle.

5. What time is Night Data?

The Night-Data period is between 12:00AM and 05:59AM every day of the year.

6. What speeds can I expect?

F-LTE is a wireless technology influenced by many factors and can therefore not guarantee a consistent speed. The device used plays an important role in us giving you a great speed experience, which is why we recommend using the router we supply, where we can be pretty sure of a minimum of 10Mbps and maximum speeds of up to 150Mbps. Also, because of the nature of the wireless network, we cannot offer any SLA’s on the service.

7. How long does it take for my home broadband internet service to be active after I pay?

Once you’ve paid, we’ll arrange for a courier to deliver your router within a 72-hour period, once we’ve RICA’d you upon delivery, we’ll have your service active within the next 2(two) to 24(twenty-four) hours.

8. Can I load Voice or SMS bundles?

No, the Supersonic home internet broadband products are data only services, and don’t allow traditional mobile voice calls or SMS however, we won’t stop you from making calls or messaging with data applications like WhatsApp or Skype.

9. Can I have a SIM only package?

All Supersonic Home Broadband packages are offered with free-to-use routers, if you require a SIM only package because you are sure that you already have a compatible router, then you can request that Supersonic not provide you with a free-to-use router.

10. How do I top up my data bundles?

Log onto the supersonic customer portal to see the bundles and their prices and select the bundles you want to top-up with, pay and you’ll be topped-up, or you can contact our friendly CX agents to assist you. You can also choose to have these bundles loaded automatically every month.

11. Can I use this service on the go or only at certain locations?

The Home Broadband service is designed to be used at your home, and Supersonic will lock the service to the address for where you place an order to use the service.

12. Where can I check if I have coverage?

Give us your address and check your coverage and we will show you if you’re covered.

13. What do I do if I have low signal?

Low signal will affect your connection speed, and depending on the router you’re using, you could improve your signal by getting an external antenna from us, or an approved supplier. It is always recommended that you use the free-to-use router we supply to avoid any signal and network quality issues.

14. How do I set up my Wi-Fi router?

Your free-to-use router will already be set up to connect to the supersonic network.

15. How many wireless devices can I connect to my Wi-Fi router?

You can connect up to 32 wireless devices on the Huawei B612 routers supplied by supersonic.

16. What happens if I move to a new house and my new area has no coverage?

The supersonic home broadband products are month-to-month and can only be used in areas with coverage. If you’re moving to an area without coverage, our cancellations process is quite simple and easy.

17. How much bandwidth does a typical movie use?

Different streaming services use different compression techniques for their movies and videos. A typical 1080p High Definition movie on Netflix for instance would use approximately 3GB per hour where a typical Standard Definition movie on Netflix would use approximately 1GB per hour. Showmax would use between 0,3GB per hour on 360p and 1,5GB per hour for 720p resolution.

18. Is the IP private or Public?

Supersonic will only provide a public dynamic IP address for the Home Broadband service.

19. Am I prioritised on the tower?

The Supersonic F-LTE coverage map is generated specifically based on capacity and network availability, so although you’ll be sharing the network with mobile LTE subscribers within the F-LTE coverage area, you won’t be impacted by congestion issues. If you get your router from supersonic, we can ensure that it has the correct firmware configuration to allow MTN to make the most efficient use of spectrum which does not get allocated to mobile LTE subscribers.

20. Who do I call if I have a technical query or coverage related problems?

Call us or make use of our WhatsApp channel on 0861 787 3778.

21. Why is my data being used faster on an LTE connection compared to the 3G network connection?

Although the Supersonic Home Broadband product does not make use of the slower 3G and 2G networks at all, having a higher speed often makes some applications more data intensive, as an example, Netflix uses dynamic compression algorithms, which lowers video resolution on lower speed connections resulting in less data being consumed. We recommend that you check your application settings which allow you customise your data consumption to your needs where possible, like for example, setting the different video resolutions of your streaming services.

22. What happens if I get fibre coverage in my area?

Call us and we’ll get you connected on one of our fibre packages, you may even be connected quicker if you’re using one of our routers which are compatible with our fibre products. Check your coverage.

23. Why does Supersonic only allow certain devices on the network?

Supersonic can only allow devices which have been network approved by MTN and provide a Huawei B612 on a free-to-use basis with each new Home Broadband subscription package.

24. Does my data roll-over and for how long?

Yes, your all your data will have validity of 30-days with an additional 30-days roll-over (total validity period of 60 days) from activation.

25. In what order does my data deplete?

Your oldest applicable data will always deplete first, for example, if you’re watching a movie at 1AM and you have some Night data rolling over from last month, the rolled-over data will deplete first, then your Night data for the current month, and if all of your Night data is depleted before 6AM, you’ll start depleting the oldest Anytime data, and lastly your To-Up data.

26. How will I get billed?

The Supersonic Home Broadband product is billed in advance at the beginning of the billing cycle. We accept credit card and EFT payments.

27. Are there any pro-rata charges?

If you ordered a service in between billing cycles, we will provide a pro-rated amount of data for which we will charge. The validity of this data will still be 30-days from activation with 30-days roll-over.

Example 1:
Customer signs up for 30GB anytime +30GB night package on the 12th of January, and his router and SIM are delivered and activated on the 15th of January, the pro-rated amount of data that gets allocated is calculated as follows:

Total number of days in the month = 31
Amount of data per day = 30GB/31days = 0,97GB/day (same amount for both anytime and night)
Number of active days = 31-14 = 17 days (including full day of activation)
Amount of pro-rated data = 0,97GB x 16days = 16,45GB Anytime data and 16,45GB night data

28. Can I migrate between my MTN contract and Supersonic?

No, although MTN and Supersonic packages make use of the same network, they are completely separate provider offers, and no migration between these will be allowed.

29. Why do you charge a cancellation fee?

Any cancellations within the first 6 (six) months from initial sign-up, will incur a R600 cancellation charge. This fee is to recover promotional value (SIM card, delivery, administration, activation etc.) which is amortised over this 6-month term – this means that the amount payable decreases from R600 in the first month of activation, to R0 at the end of the 6th month. If the customer is cancelling their Home Broadband package to take up another Supersonic service like fibre, then Supersonic will waive this fee since it is considered a service migration and not a cancellation.

30. What does “free-to-use” router mean?

This means that Supersonic will supply a router with the service, the use of which will not incur additional charges to the monthly subscription. This also means that Supersonic will always retain ownership of the router and customers will be required to return the router to Supersonic upon cancellation of services. If they are unable to return the router, or if it has been damaged, the cancelling customer will be charged the insurance replacement value at the time of the cancellation.

31. I have a legacy package; can I upgrade to a new package?

Yes, if you have taken a legacy package and:

Opted for full upfront purchase of the router and SIM-only package, we will upgrade your subscription package to your new requirement. You will continue using your purchased router and we will not send you a new free-to-use router. You will also not be liable for cancellation fee if you cancel within 6 months.


Opted for SIM-only and decided to use your own router, we will upgrade your subscription package and you will have the option for us to provide you with a free-to-use router. You will still be liable for cancellation fees should you cancel within 6-months from activation of the new package.
Opted for SIM plus monthly router payment, your service subscription will continue a month-to-month basis at the new rate and your 24-month contract term on your router will fall away. You will then continue using the initial router on a free-to-use basis and forfeit any router payments on the legacy packages.

32. How do I manage my account

Supersonic offers a customer portal with secure login for you to view account information like usage and billing information, view and purchase top-up bundles and manage service changes like upgrades, downgrades and cancellations.