Uncapped Fibre

Get affordable and superfast uncapped fibre to the home with Supersonic

The Fibre revolution is here.
Fibre offers the fastest internet around. If you’re looking for an uncapped fibre-to-the-home solution, then Supersonic Uncapped Fibre is your best bet for high-speed reliable internet.

What is Fibre?

In the past we used copper cables to connect to the internet. But copper deteriorates over time, and the speed of the connection gets slower over long distances. Fibre is the latest and greatest technology – it uses fibre-optic cables to carry data using light. It’s super fast. In fact, fibre can be as much as 50 times faster than your old ADSL connection! Plus, it’s more stable and more reliable.

Why uncapped fibre?

We offer uncapped fibre packages. That means we don’t limit the amount of data you can send and receive over the internet. We’re using data in so many ways in our daily lives: we stream our favourite TV shows over Netflix or Showmax, we use video chat and Whatsapp to keep in touch, we play games with friends on PS4 and Xbox, and we send pictures and videos to friends and family over email and social media.

Bigger files like hi-res pictures and HD video require lots of data. Streaming TV requires between 1GB and 3GB of data every hour – and that can really add up. So it no longer makes sense to buy a limited or capped data package that keeps running out. With uncapped internet, you can use as much internet as you want, without restrictions.

Three questions to ask before you sign up for uncapped fibre.

Not all uncapped fibre providers in South Africa will provide the same level of service for their uncapped fibre service. Make sure you find out the answer to these questions:

Will your service provider provide you with a Wi-Fi router and modem and will they install it for you?

Some fibre providers offer a free device with their fibre offering, but they don’t include installation. This could potentially mean endless hassles setting up your device to make sure it is working properly. Supersonic offer a free device and free installation. They will even ensure that the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to reach where it needs to in your home.

Will I be locked in to a contract, and if so, for how long?

Many companies offering uncapped Fibre To The Home will insist that you sign up for a 12 month or 24 month contract. If you’re unhappy with their service, or even find a better deal elsewhere, you won’t be able to switch providers. Don’t get stuck with a fibre provider. Supersonic has no contracts, meaning you can switch or cancel at any time. Their packages are also incredibly flexible, so you can upgrade and downgrade at the touch of a few buttons.

Uncapped fibre deals

When looking for uncapped fibre deals, it makes sense to shop around. Supersonic offers fantastic deals for uncapped fibre to the home. We offer a variety of reasonable packages at various speeds including 5MBPS, 10MBPS, and 20MBPS. And because you’re not tied into a contract, you can sign up with us without any risk. ​

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