Unlimited Air Fibre
Connect your home or office with fast, reliable wireless internet.
What is Unlimited Air Fibre?
This ground-breaking service uses wireless technology to connect you to the MTN Network, giving you unrestricted premium internet connectivity.
That’s how simple we’re making it.
You can enjoy superfast, seamless Wi-Fi, at fibre-like speeds, without having to rely on a fibre network operator to dig up the roads or hang fibre cables between street lamps.
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Why you should choose Unlimited Air Fibre
You don't need a SIM
Unlimited Air Fibre doesn't use a SIM card. Simply choose the package you want and pay a monthly fee.
Seamless connectivity
Your wireless connection will is not affected by network congestion, ensuring that you always have superfast, super-reliable internet.
Simple installation
There’s no drawn-out order-to-installation process - all it takes is a small wireless receiver installed at your premises.
Live life connected
Unlimited Air Fibre offers high-speed, premium wireless connectivity without the need for data top-ups.
Affordable connectivity
It's premium internet without the big price tag. We love that.
Unlimited Air Fibre packages
Unlimited Air Fibre packages
Download speed
5 Mb/s
Work or study from home
with up to 2 connected devices.
Download speed
10 Mb/s
Work or study from home
and stream music, movies or TV.
Download speed
20 Mb/s
High-speed wireless internet
access across multiple devices.
Download speed
50 Mb/s
Enjoy streaming and cloud-
connectivity across multiple devices.
Download speed
100 Mb/s
Stream and connect anything and
take your home or business online.
Supersonic at your service.
What do you get
With Unlimited Air Fibre, you get:
with Supersonic?
Get connected in one week
Free installation and activation
Within a week of placing your order an installer will come knocking to get you connected.
We'll install your fibre and get you online.
Installation & activation included
Month-to-month plans
at no additional cost to you.
Stay connected only fro as long as you want.
Uncapped wireless
Free fibre unit
There's no need to top uo this premium internet service.
The hardware you need to get connected is included.
Dedicated help and support
24/7 help and support
You can get help over WhatsApp and/or telephone.
If you have any problems with your fibre, we'll fix it.
How Unlimited Air Fibre will be installed
There's no mess, and no fuss. An accredited installer will install a small dish at your premises, connect it to a Supersonic router that we will bring with us, and, presto, you are all set up and ready to internet the right way.
Need to know more?
This new way of internet is made up of a base station device which is installed on an MTN radio tower, which communicates wirelessly with multiple radio transceivers installed within the coverage area, to provide premium uncapped internet to customer’s homes. The patented technology uses high-tech noise and interference cancellation to provide high speed, low latency internet connections in a coverage area of more than 15km’s from the base station.
Once there are enough customers in your area, we’ll have the base station equipment installed on the MTN tower to provide coverage. Within a week of placing an order for a service in a covered area, we will arrange an installer to come to your home to mount a dish a little bigger than the size of an A4 ream of paper to an outside wall. The installer will wire this dish to a supplied Wi-Fi router inside your home that will connect your devices to the internet. The entire installation is quite simple and you’ll be online in an hour or so.
Unlimited Air Fibre is uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled –much like Fibre. It does not require any of the data top-ups which F-LTE users often have to buy. Unlimited Air Fibre also provides the same latencies as normal fibre, which makes it better for gaming than F-LTE. Unlimited Air Fibre however, doesn’t rely on a fibre network operator to dig up the roads or hang fibre cables between street lamps, while offering comparative service quality at a lower cost.