On-the-go Internet Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is On-the-go Internet?

On-the-go Internet is Supersonics’ new exciting mobile broadband offer for customers who are on the move or want a simple mobile data only solution. It is a month-to-month contract that will be available to consumers as SIM only Month to Month, with an option of purchasing the Mobile Router (MiFi) upfront.

2. What are the available On-the-go Internet packages?

Please go to www.supersonic.co.za/on-the-go-internet/ to see our current packages.

3. How long are the On-the-go Internet packages valid for?

The data will have validity of 30-days with an additional 30-days roll-over (total validity period of 60 days) from date of activation.

4. What happens if my data runs out?

Once your inclusive package data runs out, you can top-up with On-the-go Internet data bundles. Log onto the Supersonic customer portal https://clientzone.supersonic.co.za/register to choose and purchase a bundle the best suits your need for the remainder of the month.

5. Does On-the-go Internet come with a router?

You can purchase the product as a SIM only or as a SIM and MiFi device deal, with an outright purchase on the router. You also have the option of purchasing multiple SIMs (limited to 10 SIM card registration per user as per RICA requirements) and Routers.

6. Can I use my SIM in any device?

Customers can use this data only SIM across devices. As it is meant to work as a WiFi hotspot, Supersonic offers a MiFi device as an optional purchase to customers for seamless WiFi connectivity.

7. What is a Mobile Router (MiFi)?

A MiFi is a wireless router that enables Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 10 devices when connected with a data SIM. It is convenient and easy to move around. It offers up to 6 hours of battery time and can also be charged when the battery is depleted.

8. Can I load Voice or SMS bundles?

The On-the-go Internet plans are data only services, and therefore traditional mobile voice calls, or SMS is not available. However, we won’t stop you from making calls or messaging with data applications like WhatsApp, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

9. How long does it take for my On-the-go Internet service to be active after delivery of the SIM?

The Supersonic On-the-go Internet month-to-month contract commences within 24 hours of the SIM card and/ or router being delivered regardless of if the SIM card has been placed in a working device or switched on.

10. How do I check my data balance?

You can check your data balance by logging onto the Supersonic customer portal https://clientzone.supersonic.co.za/register

11. Is there a limit to the number of times I can top up On-the-go Internet bundle?

There is no limit to the number of times you can top up, in this regard First-in-first out (FIFO) depletion method will apply

12. How will I get billed?

Supersonic will bill the customer for monthly subscription charges in advance from the time that billing has been activated. Where a Supersonic On-the-go Internet account is activated before the start of the next billing cycle, the Customer will be liable for pro-rated subscription charges and will be allocated a pro-rated volume of data.

13. How do I manage my account?

Supersonic offers a customer portal, https://clientzone.supersonic.co.za/register with secure login for you to view account information like usage and billing information, view and purchase top-up bundles and manage service changes like upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations.