Do I Really Need Fibre?

Not really – if you enjoy your movies buffering, or patchy service, or outages during storms.

If, however, you want to take advantage of the full range of entertainment and connectivity offered by the Internet by streaming content (using services like Netflix), instant file downloads and seamless conversations with friends and family around the world, then you need fibre. Fibre lets you and your family live a truly connected life. Stream movies and music, be a legend at online gaming, and make your home that much smarter with fibre. Always-on connectivity and lightning-fast speeds mean that the content you want, arrives at the speed of light.


HD Streaming

Indulge in the best video experience, every time.


Photo Sharing

Upload as many photos as you like in seconds.


Online Gaming

Enjoy lag-free gaming online.


Video Chat

Catch up with your loved ones in real time.


Multiple Devices

No more lag when your family gets busy online.


Faster Downloads

Blink and you’ll miss it. Files arrive that fast.


Cloud Computing

See the huge cost savings when you use the cloud.


Increase Security

Easily add HD cameras for protection.


What am I missing out on ?


Without fibre, you can’t really enjoy the full potential of today’s Internet and you risk being left behind tomorrow. The speed and capacity offered by fibre turns the Internet into an immensely powerful tool for work, study and entertainment.

If you choose not to have fibre, you’re missing out on being able to seamlessly stream all your favourite content, make your home more secure with integrated technology, and experience more of what you enjoy the way it was meant to be watched and listened to. Why pass up this opportunity to live a smarter, more connected life?


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