Internet for your Home

internetThe internet is fast becoming a vital part of our daily lives. Whether you’re using the internet for entertainment, work, school or socialising, you’ll probably find you’re online much more than you realise.

A Wi-Fi internet solutionis is becoming an essential part of the modern home. When installing wireless internet for home service, you’ll need to start with an Internet Service Provider who can offer you a solution that works in your area. But with so many options out there in the market, how do you choose?

Fibre internet vs Wireless Broadband vs ADSL internet

Fixed Wireless broadband

Fixed wireless broadband is a way of connecting to an internet service provider using radio signals rather than cables. This kind of internet is best suited to areas where there are no fibre or cable lines. If you live in an outlying area and need wireless internet for a home without a phone line, this could be a good option for you.

It uses transmission towers (also called ground stations) to transfer internet information as radio waves. As you can imagine, your internet speed and quality can be affected by objects that get in the way between the ground stations and your home (like trees and hills).

Fibre Internet

Fibre, or Fibre Optics, transfer data down a glass cable using light. Fibre internet is the most reliable and the fastest way of connecting to the internet. You won’t be affected by electrical storms or bad weather (as opposed to copper cables which conduct electricity and are affected by storms). Your internet speed won’t be affected even if you’re far away from an exchange. The only real disadvantage of fibre is that it is only available where fibre optic lines have been laid down. So you may need to wait for your area to be connected.

Setting up Wi-Fi in your home

Once you’ve selected a high-speed wireless internet for home service that works for you, you can then set up a wi-fi router within your home, so that you can wirelessly connect to the internet from all your devices.

If you are looking to set up wireless internet for your home with no contract you need to take a look at Supersonic, the fibre provider brightened by MTN. Not only does Supersonic offer fantastic deals on super fast fibre, they won’t tie you in to a contract. You can upgrade or downgrade whenever you like, and you can cancel at any time. Supersonic is one of the top wireless internet home providers in South Africa, with an extensive coverage network. To find out whether they offer fibre coverage in your area, check out our coverage map. ​​